H​.​A​.​T​.​E​.​R​.​S Club (with NenJah Nycist & Brain Rapp) {Prod. by NenJah Nycist}

by Saidu Ezike, Brain Rapp, NenJah Nycist



Intro (NenJah Nycist):

I know you tryna get yo'
I know you tryna get yo' paper but don't join the HATE Club (x 3)

Hook (NenJah Nycist):

Why you holding anger towards everyone reaching success? (x 4)
Why you mad...why you, why you mad....(why you mad) (x 4)

Verse 1 (Saidu):

You try to question my work ethic though it's clear I'm working harder/

You don't understand the hours that align with teaching Charter Schools/

and balancing Hip-Hop with that is more than somewhat hard to do/

but honestly, you're caught up in my skin color...aren't you?/

I just hope to make it known that you are such a snake/

and focus on the little avenues that take you where them haters go/


They don't need to see ID
'cuz you been there before so many times and you ain't takin' me/

Basically, I'm Thor; I put the hammer down and shock ya'/

I ain't talking 'bout 4 4's I'm talkin' bout just being proper/

getting shows and making money which I seem to do a lot of/

You've been doing this for years you say But obviously, I'm further in the game/


Verse 2 (Brain Rapp):

Who calls their self Brain Rapp that's so pretentious/

More like lame rap, when will he come to his senses?/

Fuck what his two cents is, let me give you my opinion/

He'll never gain a following, never have a minion/

Or a million or a minivan, fuck that skinny man/

He could crush a plate of grapes and not make any jam/

Don't give him a penny fam, nah, skip the well wishes/

This dude is straight pussy, lift his legs and smell fishes/

He surely isn't mean and can't even spell viscous/

His dick is small, at least that's what I tell bitches/

When it comes to going hard he's only at a half chub/

Not a hater but I hate him, hope he drowns in a bathtub/

Look at him with his beard, those lame vans, Ray-Bans/

Brain Rapp is faker than Jersey Shore spray tans/

Plus that little hipster's getting calls from my sister/

I heard she jerked him off until her palm got a blister/


released February 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Saidu New York

Saidu Ezike is a hip-hop artist from Staten Island, New York. As an accomplished track athlete, Saidu brings his physical prowess to his flow and delivery. With this hard work, he intends on being one of the best to ever do it. Saidu has maintained a healthy touring schedule and is set to drop his next project, Progression in Summer 2014 ... more

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