Pride and Ego (Feat. Bella) {Prod. by Saidu}

by Saidu Ezike, Bella

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Another cut off the upcoming EP "Progression"


Verse 1:

In 2007, I picked up a pen and
Emcees never recognized on the mic, I'd behead 'em
They just continuously stroked their egos
to the point where critics recognized them for their cockiness
separate from all their lyrics


I didn't
I sat and listened, then formulated a plan
My parents ain't understand
They recommended me quit it


It's apparent
I really struggled with making decisions so I did it...
2008, I was no longer spitting


I felt like a piece was missing
I had self-esteem issues
but I had a teaching job
and honestly I didn't give enough
effort into searching for a job that I really wanted
I just really fronted like the classroom was my calling


It's appalling
I never truly followed what my gut said
It was the beginning, never planned for an abrupt end
All of a sudden, I just started to write
See, you can never give this up if it's a part of your life
My Ego

Hook (x2):

You take your Pride and your Ego
And go down this Road
I'll take my Talent and Drive
How far will we go

Verse 2:

My brainwaves engage waves who change
Hip-Hop is the name of the game; It ain't pop
So if you're acting Hollywood then that's something I have a problem with
And you ain't really signed if you don't have accurate documents


See, all you do is blabber out your mouth about your hotness
if you truly feel that way then let the music do the talking
I'm supportive
And honestly, you know you are my boy
but see, you talk about yourself too much
Honestly it's annoying


And my mind is not the mind you really wanna toy with
So, let it be clear
Hip Hop is my employment
Yessir...and also my enjoyment


It is something 'bout the bars that turn me to an alcoholic
Belligerent with the lyrics
I swear I'm not in a war
I'm just passionate with the rapping; I want you to hear the words


That's it
I'm just trying to get up on the map
so when I drop this mixtape
People'll say that it's a classic


released January 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Saidu New York

Saidu Ezike is a hip-hop artist from Staten Island, New York. As an accomplished track athlete, Saidu brings his physical prowess to his flow and delivery. With this hard work, he intends on being one of the best to ever do it. Saidu has maintained a healthy touring schedule and is set to drop his next project, Progression in Summer 2014 ... more

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